Cashmere Galaxy -  IPA - 6.5% ABV (4 Pack)

Cashmere Galaxy - IPA - 6.5% ABV (4 Pack)

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4 pack contains:

  • 4x Cashmere Galaxy


Cashmere Galaxy

Welcome welcome welcome! To the softest galaxy in the entire universe, Cashmere Galaxy.

We can’t confirm or deny, but we have heard rumours that this galaxy is actually just one amazing pair of sweatpants. You know, the ones you wore throughout COVID isolation that feel like your legs are gliding through a cloud when you put them on. Those ones.

Cashmere Galaxy is an IPA hopped with Cashmere and Galaxy hops. We taste notes of peach, pineapple, melon, and tropical fruit.

Drinks as soft as the fiber, and galaxy itself.