Hun (Citra Galaxy)-  IPA - 8% ABV (4 Pack)

Hun (Citra Galaxy)- IPA - 8% ABV (4 Pack)

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4 pack contains:

  • 4x Hun (Citra, Galaxy) 


Hun (Citra Galaxy)

Hun is our IPA series where we take our base IPA recipe and add local wildflower honey to it. Wildflower honey is an adjunct we love using in our beer due to its decidedly non-static nature. It is made by bees that have collected nectar from local sources, and as such, the taste and composition of the honey will change depending on the season and the variety of flowers in bloom at the time. It is truly a product of place and time, deeply influenced by annual fluctuations in agriculture that scratches our unending desire for unpredictable drifts between flavours we love.

Dry hopped with Citra and Galaxy. We taste tangerine, papaya, peach, sweet honey, and delicate floral aromatics.