Badlands Turns One

Holy hell, it’s hard to believe it’s already been a year. I’m not actually sure what our exact birthday is because we never had a bottle shop opening to really mark the occasion in a significant way. Is it our first brew day? Is it the first beer we sold? How do we mark this momentous process we call aging? Who knows? All we know is that Badlands’ birthday is roughly from the end of June to early August time frame, so we’re going to have a little shindig on the 18th of August.

This year was simultaneously one very quick/long year all at once. It feels like we’ve made a lot of progress on some fronts, particularly as it pertains to getting our beer dialed in on the new brew house and getting it out there to more places for everyone to enjoy; and not a lot of progress in others, in this case we’re referring to getting our bottle shop open. We’ve actually made a lot of progress on this front, but obviously we still aren’t open to the public, so what progress we’ve made is of little benefit to you guys… yet. I swear we’re getting closer every day (feels like I just keep saying that endlessly doesn’t it?) and we are still confident that 2018 will provide you all with the on-farm Badlands bottle shed take-away experience you deserve!

In the meantime we decided that it was time to allow people to come to the property and have a beer. We’ve been saying that such a thing will be possible “soon” for a full 365 days plus now, so we’ve decided to make it happen the only way we are legally able: by getting a Special Occasion Permit! That’s right, Badlands is having a very small birthday party and we’ll be serving up some beers that you can come and drink on draft (it will be by the glass. There will be no bottles for take away), at the farm, during what will hopefully be a weather cooperative day! It also happens to coincide with Mike’s birthday (the other owner guy not writing this post). So really we’ll be celebrating a year of life on Earth for Badlands Brewing and 26 years of life for Michael. What a b-e-a-uuuuuutiful combination.

We will slowly start announcing some details as we get closer to the date. But for the time being, here are some very general details about the festivities:

Date: 18 August, 2018

Time: 1300 – 1900hrs (1-7PM for you non-24 hour clock-ers)

Location: 13926 Chinguacousy Road, Caledon, Ontario (It’s the exact spot google maps takes you. Please do not pull into our driveway/go to our house. If you’ve pulled into a drive way and there is a house on the right, you’ve gone to the wrong place. Turn around and go 50 feet further down the road)

Activities: Yes. Horse shoes or corn hole, or both. We like games so there will be some for sure. If you consider cow watching/field gazing an activity, then that too.

Food: Some kind of food will be available for purchase. Not sure what yet (we’re working on a couple things that we will update you with closer to the date), but you won’t starve.

Event Type: This is an all age’s event. Kids, friends, family, dogs, parakeets are all welcome and encouraged to attend (if someone has a pet owl they want to bring, that would be pretty rad and we would highly encourage you to bring it).

Drinks: Beer, of course. We’ll be releasing some special/limited release beers for the event, which will be announced as the event gets closer, but you can be sure there will be some hazy IPAs. Water will also be made available.