How can I buy beer?

    We have 2 different ways to buy beer

    1) Curbside pickup: You order online (or in your car upon arrival if you prefer) and we bring the beer to your car. Pickup is only available Saturday 12-5. Beer goes on sale Fridays at 7pm and stays open until Saturday at 5pm for curbside pickup.

    2) Delivery: Beer for delivery is available Ontario wide. It is available Saturday 6pm for online purchase until Sunday at 8pm. At that time purchase will close and we ship all of the beer ordered Monday. Most shipments are delivered next day. More rural areas may vary. 

    Is your patio open?

    No. It will not be any time soon


    Do you have anything other than takeaway purchase/curbside pickup available?

    No. This is all we will have available until spring. 


    Additional, Non COVID related FAQ

    Are you open yet?

    What are your hours?
    Saturdays 12-5 

    Are those your only hours?

    Can I come to pick up beer outside of those hours if i’m in the area?

    Will you be adding more hours in the future?
    We do not currently have any plans to do so.

    Can I buy beer online from you guys?
    Yes. Fridays at 7PM for pickup ONLY on the following Saturdays (i.e. the next day) between 12-5.

    Are you actually located on a farm?
    Sure are! The farm was established circa 1867 (or thereabouts). Our family has been living on the land since the 1940s, but has lived in the Cheltenham area since it was originally founded in the 1820s.

    Do you offer brewery tours or tastings or both!?
    No tours at the moment but tasting are available during our retail hours.

    Where can I find your beers?
    All of our beer can be purchased online Fridays at 7PM.

    What kind of beers do you make?
    Little bit of this, little bit of that. We love hops here at Badlands which is why our main focus is on hop forward ales (think pale ales, IPAs, DIPAs etc). But we are also fond of many other beer styles and dabble in everything from stouts and lagers to Belgian and sour ales.

    Where can I find a list of beers to buy at any given time?
    In the shop section of our website

    I noticed last week there was (insert beer title here) available and now it is gone. Why is that, and is it ever going to come back?
    We make a lot of different beers in very small batches (about 120L at a time), which means that as we rotate through our various offerings, some will inevitably become unavailable as we sell out of our limited stock. The truth is we absolutely love variety (and hopefully you do to!), and we try to constantly change, innovate and modify our recipes to not only feature the best and freshest ingredients we can, but also make them the best they possibly can be.
    That being said, most of our beers will more than likely come back in one way or another at some point, so keep your eyes on our “beers” page and social media accounts to find out when and where!

    When is the optimal time to drink your beer?

    Long story short: drink it as soon as possible.
    Long story Long: We release our beer as soon as we think it tastes its absolute best, which means that you should drink it as soon as you can after purchase. This is particularly true of our hoppy offerings. These are particularly volatile beers that do not keep well over a long period of time and should be consumed as fresh as possible. Those delicious aromatics we worked so hard to get in there do not keep well. Remember, temperature, UV and oxygen exposure are beers mortal enemy. We take care of oxygen exposure on our side while making/packaging the beer (by closed system beer transfer, C02 purging bottles, using oxygen scavenging caps etc), and then storing the beer in a dark cold cellar free of light. But once it leaves our hands you have to treat it right so that it continues to taste its absolute best for as long as possible! (But we still recommend you just drink it ASAP).

    Yeah, but what about bottle conditioned sours and stouts?
    These beer styles age much more gracefully than our hoppy beers and or lagers, however, we still recommend you drink them sooner than later. We release all of our beer once they taste good and we recommend you drink them at that time.
    However, if you’re curious about how these beers age and change, we would simply recommend you get multiple bottles, drink one fresh, then age the others as desired. The best of both worlds solution as we like to call it!

    Do you take your bottles back at the brewery?
    No. Due to COVID we no longer accept them.

    I have more questions, where can I get answers!?
    Send us a message on Facebook and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!