Beer Delivery is Back!

You can get our beer shipped to your house again!
After a long absence, we are finally ready to start shipping beer again. We didn't expect it to take this long, but better late than never... right!? 
Quick details:
  1. We've got 4 beers available this week! 
  2. They are all available in one sensational mix pack (12 total beers)
  3. Shipping is flat rate $15 (tax included). We will be able to ship large orders in the future but at the moment we still only have the one box size. 
  4. You can't add merch to the online delivery order at this time, but we are working on making that available in the future. 
  5. Expected delivery time frame is 1-3 business days. We obviously cannot guarantee this as we are not the courier, but we will be shipping all orders on Mondays to ensure it doesn't get stuck in a warehouse over the weekend. 
  6. At this point our plan is to release online availability every Saturday at 6PM.  We will close ordering Sunday night around 8pm, then ship all the packages first thing Monday morning.
Longer details
We hope you're as excited as we are to be able to start shipping beer to you again. It's good to be back! This time it is permanent. If we see demand outstrip availability too often we will make more beer. This wasn't an option for us before, but it is now. 
We see online sales/delivery as an important part of our future. We know you have wanted this from us for a while, and we just weren't able to make it happen with our old brewhouse. With the new one now here, we have the beer volume required to be able to reliably supply an online delivery store. So if you're looking for the freshest hoppy beers, we're here for you!
Things are a little different this time 'round, and though we aren't completely new to shipping, there will still surely be some kinks to work out. We are using a new carrier and new shipping system, so we don't expect everything to be perfect for the first few weeks here (though we will do what we can to make it as close to seamless as possible!) Please be patient with us as we work through all the kinks of a new system. We want this to work as best as possible for everyone. If theres an issue, we'll do what we can to make it right, we may just need a bit of time to address whatever issue may arise. It's still just the three of us running the whole operation!
Thanks for being a long distance fan (or shorter distance fan without a car or maybe a schedule that doesn't allow coming 12 to 5 on a Saturday) of Badlands! Even after having been at this for 3+ years now (5+ if you include the planning and buildout!), it's still very cool and surreal to see people in further flung parts of Ontario wanting to try beer from our (still little, but bigger now than it used to be) brewery. We're stoked to be able to finally be able to get some beer to you!