Doubling Down & the Introduction of Through the Glass

Doubling Down & the Introduction of Through the Glass

The headline kind of says it all; we’ve decided to double down and release a second (and probably final) brand to The Beer Store (TBS). This was the other beer we wrestled with sending to TBS in place of Distorted. For a variety of reasons we obviously ended up going with Distorted, but rest assured, we love this hoppy little number just as much as we love our OG sweet heart pale ale. We are incredibly pleased to be able to release it now, and even more pleased to deliver a second Badlands offering for at home consumption. Hopefully this will hold you exceptional humans over until we open our bottle shop (we’re still feeling good about a 2018 opening!)


Why Release a Second Brand?

Like the introduction of our first beer, Distorted Re(Ale)ity, this decision was effectively made by you, our dear beer drinking friends, and all we did was simply facilitate it. We’ve received an incredibly humbling amount of support for Distorted, and we’ve been asked, and aggressively (in a good way) encouraged, to release a second beer for you fine folk to quaff back while we continue to sort through the many joys of bureaucracy related to building septics/edifices and such. So with that in mind, we decided it would make sense to release an even hoppier beer that, like our first, is near and dear to our heart… And yes, that means it is an IPA. With just over a 20g/L dry hop, we’re pretty confident (though not certain, as we have not asked all the beer makers what their hopping rates are to confirm definitively) that this beer will hold TBS mantle for one of, if not the hoppiest offering available on its shelves.

Much like Distorted, we’re going to try and keep this stocked at TBS without letting it age on the shelf as best we can. Both of these beers are meant to be consumed as fresh as possible and we’ll keep tweaking our delivery/production schedule/our dear consumer’s consumption volume until we strike the right balance between having the beer in stock, while also keeping it as fresh as possible. The goal continues to be delivering beer fresh to TBS every 2 weeks.


About the Beer


Abandon the here and now. Step boldly Through the Glass into the whimsical “other side.” What is the other side you ask? Clear your mind. Forget everything. Gaze deep into the owls eyes. Now open the beer. Take a sniff. Now a sip. Welcome, friends, to the other side of the glass. Welcome to pure, unaltered olfaction bliss.


Bursting with aromatic American hop varietals, Through the Glass is a double dry hopped IPA that is bright, juicy and highly aromatic. It’s loaded with aromas of mango, peach and candied citrus that are delivered on a soft, fluffy malt canvas. A delicate mouth feel and gentle, but present, bitterness ensures that this beer never tires the palate.






About the Artwork

The artwork was created and brought to life by our friend, the ultra-talented Lexi Bender. We are thrilled that we have been able to keep all of our artwork as close to in-house as possible (we can’t draw… like at all. Seriously, a 3 year old could probably draw a better stick man) so we’ve had immediate friends do all of our artwork up to this point, and the intention, at least for the time being/as long as it can remain practical, is to keep it that way.

With the label we were going for something whimsical and in direct polarity to our first, much sharper, straight lined label. We think Lexi absolutely hit the nail on the head by not only turning our beer laden, and garbled conversations about what we wanted to see into a beautiful work of art, but also in transporting us to another world where our owl (whom we like to call Hoot) is a pretty psychedelic and animated little tytonidae.

You can check out Lexi’s other awesome works here.


The Dirty Deets

Style: IPA

ABV: 6.5%

Color/Appearance: Hazy, pale and straw yellow in color.

Smell: aromas of mango, peach and citrus with just a touch of pine.

Taste: papaya, mango, peach and citrus delivered on a very soft, full body with just enough bitterness to carry the hop load.

Other notes: this beer is meant to be consumed fresh. Please keep cold, and drink ASAP!


One Final Note

Due to the fact we are a little further out that we anticipated in having a bottle shop open and operational, and due to the fact we have received numerous requests, we will be adding 2 more Beer Store locations that you can pick up both Distorted and Through the Glass. One in Toronto and one in Waterloo. That brings us to 9 total locations in and around the GTA that you can get our two flagship-ish beers. We know that this won’t be perfectly convenient for everyone, but we’re hoping that with these 2 extra additions we have at least made it a bit easier for you to get our beer in your hands.


Exact addresses of new locations are:

  1. Dufferin Mall, 904 Dufferin Street, Toronto
  2. 624 King Street, Waterloo