We're turning 3!

We're 3 years old! Tough to believe, but here we are, still in business 3 years later. We had some big plans for our anniversary event but pandemics have this weird way of changing all the plans you made. This year we wont get to hang out with all of you while a live band and live owls/hawks rock out, but that just means next year we'll have a double birthday bash with double the owls/hawks and bands to make up for it.

We did still buy ourselves a present though: a new brewery! It'll still be a number of weeks before we're able to start turning beer out on it, but its here, things are being hooked up every day, and eventually enough things will be hooked up that we can complete the brewing process and beer shall be yours from it. 


One final thank you 

We also want to take a minute and say thank you to everyone who has supported us, be it since day one or since somewhere along the way. Birthdays are an odd, but essential, opportunity to stop for a minute and take stock of your history. Our history is still very short. We've only been selling beer for 3 years, but in a lot of ways when we look back at what's happened in that time, it's been a warp speed whirlwind of activity that feels like a life time of lived experience. Most of its been good, but theres certainly been some very tough times along the way. 

Its been a pretty grindy road to get to where we are today, our bodies are hurting and i'm pretty sure they've aged a lot more than 3 years in the last 3 years. But the next phase of Badlands Brewing is finally just around the corner. I'm hopeful when we look back on the next 365 days this time next year, all of this will feel like a different time that seems like a distant memory . As fun as its been, it's also pushed us to the brink and we're extremely excited to close the book on this part of our history. It's been a ride, to say the least, and I wouldn't change it for anything, but it's also been unpredictable, messy, and spirit breaking at times along the way. 

We owe each and every one of you a large thank you for being with us along the way and affording us the opportunity to be here at all. It hasn't always been easy to run this brewery, in fact its the hardest thing we ever decided to do. We know its been frustrating at times to be fans of our beer, particularly once COVID hit and our business stopped running the way it was designed (i.e. onsite draft first). Our beer was never supposed to be this difficult to get a hold of, but more beer is coming soon, we promise (the proof is that pic above!)  

It's a privilege to be able run a small business, and even more so a brewery. We can't quite say we're doing this for a living yet, because... well, we aren't. We all still work other jobs. But hopefully this time next year we can say that we are making beer for a living!

Thank you once again to everyone.  We are nothing without you.