Hoppy Beer Weekly Subscription (4x 2 different hoppy beers - 8 total beers)

Hoppy Beer Weekly Subscription (4x 2 different hoppy beers - 8 total beers)

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Beer ships on Monday each week and most orders** They should be delivered everywhere in Ontario within 1-3 business days. MUST BE 19+ TO ORDER and No P.O Boxes. 

Get 2 fresh Badlands hoppy beers (4 cans of 2 different hoppy beers) delivered to your door every week. We package Thursday, ship them out on Monday and you drink fresh hoppy beer whenever you want!

Make sure you’ve got all the Badlands hoppy beer you need! Only 100 subscriptions available!


The Subscription includes:

- Guaranteed access to 2 different Badlands hoppy beers every week (we release 2 different beers every week, you get 4 of each!)

- 8 total cans of beer (1 x 4 pack of 2 different beers 4+4=8)

- Cost of shipping/packaging included at a reduced rate ($10) for subscription members vs regular online shipping purchases ($15)

- Fast delivery!  Beer ships on Monday each week and **most orders** should be delivered everywhere in Ontario within 1-3 business days. In some major city hubs it can even be as quick as next day. If you live in the outskirts of Thunder Bay, it may take the full business week. 


- Access to the freshest hoppy beer we make! Most weeks will be composed of either :

  1. 2x 6.5% IPA; or
  2. 2x 8.2% DIPA; with the odd
  3. 2x 5.6% Pale ale (which for us is basically IPA in a lower ABV, more drinkable package. We don’t make a lot of pale ale but damn do we love them when they’re around).
  4. the likely break down for a given month will be
  • 1x week of DIPA/month;
  • 3x week of IPA/month
  • all for the same price, per week. Which means you save a bit of money on DIPA weeks as a thank you for being awesome and trusting us to knock out consistently worth buying hoppy beer! (Note: we do not guarantee this is exactly what you will get. We just guarantee you will get 8 total hoppy beers split between 2 different beers a week from us). 

- Option to cancel at anytime (note: must cancel before Thursday each subscription week otherwise . If the subscription max has been reached (i.e. we have reached 100 subscribers), cancelling will cause you to lose your place in the subscription service and you will need to be added to the wait list should you want to join again/should we reach the subscription limit).

- opportunity to add up to an additional 16 beers (i.e. 24 total) to your subscription without additional shipping cost

- Opportunity to buy/add additional beer (up to a max of 4 additional beers) to subscription weeks (in case you loved that one beer, you know the one, and just need more of it) without a change in the cost of shipping.


Subscriber Features Coming Soon

- Opportunity to add merch to subscription orders!

- More stuff as we think of it!


Note on Shipping:

We cannot guarantee shipping timeline. Our carrier assures us all beer should be delivered in 1-3 business days within Ontario, but ultimately we have no control over this.

That's why we only ship Monday, to give the beer maximum time to get to you without getting stuck in a warehouse over the weekend. We want to get it to you AFFAP! (As Fresh/Fast As Possible!)

All new beers are typically packaged Thursdays, which means when you receive them you are getting at worst a 7 day old in package IPA, which in our humble opinion is typically when our IPAs start to hit their stride!